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St. Simons Value Study
St. Simons Value Study

Some paintings just don't want to come out of me.  The

 lighthouse at St. Simons is one of them.  I'm not sure why

 it doesn't to cooperate but it won't.  I've at least six

different paintings in various stages of the subject and I'm

not happy with any of them.  Wait!  That's not exactly true. 

Two different small studies do seem to work and this is one

of them.  "St. Simons Value Study"  is exactly what its title

says.  It was created as a guide for a larger painting that

was to be done in all of the colors but it turned out to be

one of the rejects I mentioned.  I had actually filed this

 painting away until I was ready to attempt the larger

painting again, when my oldest daughter saw it.  She liked it

enough that she convinced me to place it in public view

which is what I have now done.

St. Simons is a marvelous island just east of Brunswick, GA. 

Originally occupied by Native American Indians, it was also a

location for a Spanish fort.  Later, the Spaniards were driven

by the island by the British and eventually the area became

part of the Georgia colony.  Historically, it may be best

known for John and Charles Wesley who were the ministers

 for the
Anglican Church in Georgia.  They lived for a time

 on St.
Simons as missionaries.  And, there is an old oak

located on the island where they are reported to have

one of the early Methodist congregations.

The original painting of "St. Simons Value Study" is a

watercolor, painted on 6" by 8" 140# cold press paper.  

The original has been sold, and giclee reproductions are available.

Giclee reproductions are on archival paper. The colors of the giclee are as close as possible to the original, however some differences may occur.

Images will be slightly smaller than paper size listed below due to a minimum one inch border required for printing.

Prices include ground shipping to the United States.  Contact the artist for expedited or international shipping charges.

Georgia residents will have 7% sales tax added at checkout.
10 x 8 $55.00
14 x 11 $85.00
22 x 15 $185.00
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