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Not for Sale - Oklahoma Spring

Oklahoma Spring

This painting is a tribute to one of my peculiarities.  I like a weather /climate that has all four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.  My preference is that they all be of equal length, even though I will readily admit that I prefer spring and fall over summer and winter.  Further, one of my irritants is when the days within a particular season, ‘forget’ what the weather should be and take on the aspect of another season.  April days, for example, should be spring-like and not surprise me with a snow storm from winter.  Likewise, I don’t want my October days to give me a 90 degree heat wave.

I’m not sure where or how this peculiarity developed.  I grew up in Oklahoma and even returned to that state in the 1970s.  And if you’re familiar with the climate tendencies of the Plains States, you will know the truth of the adage that if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes and it will change.  So, I should be acclimated to freezing days in April and blistering heat in November, but I’m not.

There were special days in Oklahoma though.  Those times when the weather had been miserable for days, and I would wake up and find an absolutely perfect day.  “Oklahoma Spring” is my tribute to one of those times.  It might have been in late March or early April, but it was definitely a day that had been preceded by weeks of a cutting, bitter wind accompanied by icy rain and sleet.  It would be a day of finding the comfort of only having to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants after having to dress in multiple layers the day before.  It definitely would be a day when there was only a blue sky with no clouds in sight.  And perhaps most important of all, it would have to be a day when the wild flowers suddenly show their blooms and their fragrance is carried on a warm gentle breeze.


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