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Not for Sale - Danielsville Store - Southern Spoken Here

Danielsville Store – Southern Spoken Here

My wife and I made one of our rambling trips several years ago.  The initial purpose was to visit an area for my wife’s benefit. She is our family historian and wanted to see and walk the land where one of my forefathers had lived.

But our trips always seem to find other purposes beyond going to a destination and then driving back to our house.  This one was not an exception.  Yes, we found the land where Thomas Grimes lived with his family two hundred years ago.  After that, though, we began to simply wander and ramble down the two lane roads with no specific destination in mind.  Beyond going in a general direction back home, time and direction didn’t seem to matter.  Instead, we simply enjoyed our conversation and explored the land that passed by the windows of our car.

As the time passed, we found ourselves entering Danielsville, a small Georgia town, and decided to briefly stop at whatever ‘drive through’ we found for a cold drink.  Before that happened, though, I found one of the hidden gems that we sometimes discover during our times of rambling.  Just past the town square, there was an old general store.  By itself, stores of that nature, always interest me.  But this one was special.  It was closed with padlocked doors but I could still see inside through the large front windows.  And on closer inspection I found that, while it might have been a general store, it was also a place where a wide variety of memorabilia could be found. The entire front of the building was covered with a variety of porcelain signs used in advertising.   Inside, there were even more signs plus a wide variety of items ranging from canning jars to woven baskets and from decorative lighting to boxes of old household goods.

We’ve made additional trips to the Danielsville area since that first time.  But between the first and second visit, all of the goods inside and outside were removed so we never found out the purpose for the store.  One thing is for certain, though, with the vast signage for beer, cars, soft drinks, and other regional products, Southern was spoken here.


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