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Georgetown Dinghy - Not for Sale

Georgetown Dinghy

It is rare when I intentionally seek out a particular subject for a painting.  Instead, I’ll let the subject ‘find me.’  This painting is a combination of both.  During a trip to the shores and marshes of South and North Carolina, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  I simply wanted to capture the mood of the area with my photographs that I use for reference for my paintings. At the same time, from previous trips to the same coastline, I was aware of the number of small boats that are used for transportation between the anchored boat and the dock.  And I hoped that I would find one that would guide me toward a painting.  That’s what happened in Georgetown, SC and the dock and the little red dinghy helped this painting develop.

The painting also became an opportunity to ‘play’ with extreme dark and light values.

This is the original of “Georgetown Dinghy.”  It is a watercolor on 16” x 12” 140 lb cold press paper and is copyrighted by Gerry Grimes, the artist. This is a "one and only"; no prints have been made. The artist retains all rights regarding copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by others.


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