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Harvest of Spring - Sold

Harvest of Spring

Let's keep it simple.  I love strawberries.  Love them when their whole and love them when their sliced.  Love them plain and love them with a little sweetener.  Love them for their own flavor and love them with a little whipped cream.  And if there is any doubt in what I’ve said, I’ll repeat – I love strawberries.

While it’s possible to get them year round, my very favorite are the ones which come to market in the early spring.  There’s something about their tartness that make them just right.  But, I’ve come to learn that there is another reason that I enjoy them in early April.  They mark the change in season where the gray cold dampness of winter is pushed aside for the warmth and light of spring.

That reason was extra special to me this year.  The first three months of 2018 seemed to overwhelm any creative urges that I felt.  Painting anything was hard and I felt little enthusiasm for even holding my brushes.  That changed, though, when my wife and I purchased our first strawberries for the year.  Their bright colors stirred something within me.  So, before we ate them, I scattered a few on a table and used them as models for a still life.  And with each brush stroke, my creativity seemed to rise again.

Yes, I love strawberries.

This is the original painting of “Harvest of Spring”.  It is a watercolor and gouache on 10” x 22” 140# cold press paper and is copyrighted by the artist, Gerry Grimes.  He retains all rights regarding copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by others.  This is a "one of a kind"; prints have never been made. No prints, reproductions or copies may be made of the original or other authorized copies without the explicit consent of the artist or his heirs.


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