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Not for Sale - Danielsville Store - Reflections & Shadows

Danielsville Store – Reflections and Shadows

Almost 30 years ago, we drove into Danielsville, GA late one afternoon and discovered an old building which had a vast collection of Southern memorabilia.  That day, I took a half roll of 35 mm photographs of what I found. 

After having the film developed, though, I was stunned by the magnitude of everything in the photos.  For that reason, I put the photos aside and in time, forgot about taking the pictures.  Recently, though, I found the photos.  More important, I was able to transfer the photos to my computer where I could enlarge and crop some of them into painting ideas.

In doing so, I noticed the reflections and shadows that were being cast on the store’s windows by the afternoon sun.  When those were combined with the items inside the glass windows and on the outside of the store walls, I was presented with a painting idea that would be fun to do but would also be a challenge.    


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