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Through the Back Gate - Sold

Through the Back Gate


 It is usually fun to look back, after I've completed a painting, and remember

how I found the idea for the piece.  Sometimes, the painting seems to find

me and at other times, I just "stumble up" to it.  "Through the Back Gate" is

literally a combination of both.

 We were supposed to do an art show in the fall of 2014 which was suddenly

cancelled.  We had already paid for a motel room and there was no refund.

  So, we elected to use the weekend to explore that portion of middle

Georgia.  This is part of the state that still has some anti-bellum houses that

survived Sherman's March to the Sea in 1864.  The town of Eatonton was

part of our exploration.


 At one of the old homes, I felt compelled to see the back of the house.  By

itself, that makes little sense as the great architectural features are in the

front.  Nevertheless, I found the street that was at the back and drove slowly

down it.  After I passed it, I realized that I was missing the painting idea that

I was seeking, the back gate.  I quickly backed up so that I could take some

photos for reference.  The problem was that I backed up too quickly and I

wasn,t paying any attention to where I was going.  As a result, I ran into a

mailbox across the street.

 I met the lady who lived in the house with the mailbox,  which was knocked

to the ground.  I gave her my identification and assured her that I would pay

for the damages.  And then I took my photos.  I'm not sure why, but I've

yet to get a bill for the mailbox.  However, the painting worked out great.


 The original painting of "Through the Back Gate" is a watercolor on 19 x 22, 

140# cold press paper.  It is copyrighted by the artist, Gerry Grimes.  He retains all

rights regarding copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the

original by others.  No prints, reproductions or copies may be made of the original

or other authorized copies without the explicit consent of the artist or his heirs.

The original is available for sale. 

Georgia residents will have 7% sales tax added at checkout.



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