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October Dogwood I - Not For Sale = Prints Only

October Dogwood I

There is something about trees that fascinate me.  And that fascination often

drives me to paint them.  Not necessarily individually or even in groups

(although I love to do those types of paintings).  Instead, I find the same joy

in the development of a painting or drawing of various parts of the trees: 

limbs, branches, trunks, roots, etc.

Recently, I opened an old box of photographs which I had taken with a

35mm camera (that's how I knew they were "old" since I now use a digital

camera).  I felt like I was getting an early Christmas present.  Inside, there

was a stack of photos of the fall leaves in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In

particular, about a half dozen were of the leaves of a dogwood tree when

they were at their peak colors.  It's hard to describe my excitement when I

saw them.  But, perhaps the reader will understand part of it when you know

that within 24 hours I had completed a small color study and was part way

into this painting.  Yes, I have an absolute fascination with trees (including

the leaves).

The original is a watercolor on 22 x 15,  on 140 lb cold press paper and is

 copyrighted by Gerry Grimes, the artist.  He retains all rights regarding

copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by

 others.  No reproductions or copies may be made from it without explicit

consent of the artist.
The original is not for sale. 
A few giclee prints are available.


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