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Daisies - Bett's Style - Original and Prints
Daisies - Bett's Style


Judy Betts is a watercolorist whom I greatly admire.  In fact, when asked

which artists I like the most, she will be in my top 5.  At the same time,

 I've never directly taken a lesson from her.  In fact, I've never met her. 

But I have seen her work and have always loved it.  Her work is truly

 unique, and for some time, I have marveled at how she uses her colors.

 In an almost seamless way, she can change the depth and hue and seem to

 make it seem exactly right.  She provided some insight, though, in an article

 in a watercolor magazine which I read in June, 2014.  As I read it,

 a glimmer of light and a lot of excitement entered into my

imagination.  Quickly, I had brush in hand and attempted to try her method

 on several small pieces.  Just as quickly, I found that what she seems to do

 so easily, I could only attempt.  Nevertheless, using a photo of some daisies

I had given my wife, I blended some of her methods with my own in a

painting.  The result is "Daisies, Betts' Style".  If I ever do get to meet her,

 I simply want to thank her for the inspiration she gives to others through

her work.  And should you decide to be the one who purchases this

painting, I sincerely hope that you feel the joy I did

in painting it.

The original is a watercolor on 12 x 16,  140 lb cold press paper and is

 copyrighted by Gerry Grimes, the artist.  He retains all rights regarding

copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by

others.  No reproductions or copies may be made from it without explicit

consent of the artist.
A few giclee prints are available.
Giclee reproductions are on archival paper. The colors of the giclee

 are as close as possible to the original, however some differences

may occur.   Images will be slightly smaller than paper size listed

below due to a  minimum one inch border required for printing.
Prices include ground shipping to the United States.  Contact the artist

for expedited or international shipping charges.

Georgia residents will have 7% sales tax added at checkout.


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