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48, 49, Maybe 50 - Not for Sale

48, 49, Maybe 50

I generally like the cars which were made in the 60s or earlier, for a variety

of reasons.  No, it's not because I think they were better than those of

today.  They weren't, today's are better.  But, besides being the vehicles of

my youth, the ones made in those times were easy to identify.  As good and

efficient as the cars and trucks of today are, they all look basically alike.


 The pickup shown in this painting, though, does bend the rules.  Oh, there

is no doubt that it is a Ford.  It just looks like one.  The question, though, is

what year is it?  Ford introduced the F1 as their basic 1/2 ton pickup in 1948.

  However, with one small exception, they did not alter the design for the

following 2 years.  A part made in 1948 would exactly fit the 1949 or 1950

model.  The only difference is that when initially made in 48, the grill was

chromed.  Later that year and continuing into 49 and 50, they eliminated the

chrome and painted it silver.  So, I guess this pickup could be a 48.  But it

has been restored so the truck could be a 48 or a 49 or 50 model F1, using

a 48 grill.  Or the grill might have been originally painted and chromed

later.  So the question remains , is it a 48, 49, or maybe 50?


 For me, the painting also marks my entry into the world of chrome and

reflection.  It is a challenge that I'm enjoying so I hope the viewer

appreciates it.


  The original is a watercolor on 22 x 15, 300 lb cold press paper and is

copyrighted by Gerry Grimes, the artist.  He retains all rights regarding

copies and/or reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by

others.  No reproductions or copies may be made from it without explicit

consent of the artist.



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