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Calm Before The Storm - Not For Sale
Calm Before The Storm

The marshes of the southern Atlantic States are fascinating to

 me.  Each is unique.  The grasses seem to be different in each

location with a change in color and even length.  Likewise, the

 trees in the high spots of the marsh or in the adjoining woods

 vary in species.  Even the birds above and the fish in

the water are different.
   At the same time, despite their

 uniqueness, they are all alike.  Each shares
the same purpose

of protecting the mainland from the might of the ocean. 

Each is alive with the wildlife finding a home within the marshes'

boundaries.  And for me, each is alike as they go through

constant changes due to the tides and weather.

Maybe it is that last thought that fascinates me the most.  At one

moment in time, there is chaos when the winds and rain of a

thunderstorm tear through it.  Yet, only moments before the

storm hits, there is a total calm across the marsh.  The water is

flat and reflects the light from the sky above.  And the

grass is still.  This is the feeling which I hope the viewer senses

as he studies "Calm Before The Storm."

The original of "Calm Before The Storm" is a watercolor

on 22 x 15  140# cold press paper and is copyrighted by Gerry

Grimes, the artist.  He retains all rights regarding copies and/or

reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by others. 

The original is not for sale. 


Georgia residents will have 7% sales tax added at checkout.


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