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Upward View - Cabin Path Maple - Not for Sale
Upward View - Cabin Path Maple

I started a series of paintings in the latter part of 2012 with the subject being "an upward view".  In part, I was inspired by some photographers who achieved some spectacular shots by photographing their subject from a "worm's eye view point".  Then, I found some artists who had painted some beautiful work with the same concept.  During a break in a class I was teaching at The Cabin Path (a beautiful nature preserve in SW Atlanta), I pointed my camera skyward and took several reference photos of the trees.  During the next few months, I took additional photos while also starting to paint some of the trees.

 In December of 2012, I photographed several maple trees at The Cabin Path when I was teaching another class.  It was a gray day and the first painting from the photos reflected that mood.  With the next painting, though, I decided to eliminate as many of the "grays" as possible from the work.  While I was somewhat satisfied with the results, something seemed to be needed.  As an experiment, I decided to place another wash into the sky so as to "push" the blue hue to a level that's probably far from realistic.  I got so excited with the results that I then gambled and decided to "push" the blue even further.  The result is "Upward View,  Cabin Path Maple".


"Upward View - Cabin Path Maple" The original is a watercolor

on 22 x 15  140# cold press paper and is copyrighted by Gerry

Grimes, the artist.  He retains all rights regarding copies and/or

reproductions regardless of the ownership of the original by

others.  The original is for sale, as well as a few giclee prints. 





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