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#Not for Sale - Don't Mess With Momma - Prints Only
Don't Mess with Momma

After much searching and dreaming, a couple of years ago, my sister and brother-in-law moved to a new home.  I'm not sure when Sis realized how "perfect" it really was for her.  She has always had a fondness for ducks and in the first spring after they moved, she discovered they had a family of mallard ducks in the small creek behind their house.  Within hours, she was feeding them and declared herself to be their official godmother with the responsibility of protecting them from any that would prey upon her "charges."  

 She has done a good job because, when we last visited, the single small family of ducks has become a fairly sizable flock.  Regardless, though, she still gets excited when they come waddling into her back yard looking for the food she provides.

 In the fall of 2011, I asked my brother-in-law to send me some photos of one of the mothers and her ducklings.  From one of the pictures, this artwork developed.  It was done as a surprise gift for my sister.  I have no lofty illusions, though.  She may hang the work but will still get her joy from feeding the ducks.


The original of "Don't Mess with Momma" is a scratch drawing on

12" x 9" black scratchboard.  Original is not for sale, but we have a few giclee prints.


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