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Chestatee Gnarly - Original and Prints
Chestatee Gnarly

Something about old trees fascinates me.  Maybe it's the way they rise up into the sky.  Or maybe it's the way the roots grow into the surrounding ground to provide nourishment and stabilization for the mass of limbs above.  And maybe it's the manner in which they have been twisted and bent by the wind.  I really don't know the reason but I do like old trees.  One aspect, in particular though, always attracts me, when they become gnarly.

The tree in this drawing is on the Chestatee River in North Georgia.  I found it when I was on an outing with one of my grandsons.  I shot a few photos of the tree for reference but then forgot about it.  Later, while looking for a drawing idea, I re-examined one of the photographs and decided to use the tree as the subject.  In retrospect, I think I was a little crazy because of all of the detail I had to place in it to provide the feeling I wanted to portray.


The original of "Chestatee Gnarly" is a pencil drawing on 14 by 18 paper,  in pointillist style and is copyrighted by Gerry Grimes, the artist.   The original is for sale, as well as a few giclee prints.

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