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#Not for Sale - Azaleas for Sylvie
Azaleas for Sylvie

As I worked on another drawing for granddaughter, Logan, it caught the eye of her aunt Sylvie.   Although she wished for it, she understood when I told her that I couldn't give it to her,  because it was "Logan's Zinnas".     Later, she told me that since she couldn't have Logan's drawing that I had to do one for her, and it had to be one which she would like just as much. 

I stewed over our daughter's request.  I just wasn't sure what she would like.  She knows my style and is often the critic who is not afraid to express her opinion on a painting or drawing.  Finally, I showed her this drawing in its semi-complete stage and she said she wanted it.  One would think the pressure was off.  But I was at a stage in the drawing where I knew it wasn't complete, and I wasn't sure how to finish it.  After setting it aside for an extended time, I recently went back to it.  An examination revealed the contrast between the flowers and the leaves was not established sufficiently.  So, recognizing the risk of ruining the drawing which Sylvie had said she wanted, I threw caution to the wind.  Using the darkest pencil lead I reworked parts of the drawing.  I think it worked and the good news is that my daughter still wants the original, and it is hers.

A few giclee prints are available.

  "Azaleas for Sylvie" is a graphite drawing on 24 x 18 in. paper, in pointillist style. 



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