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#Not for Sale - Santa Fe Memories - Prints Only

Sante Fe Memories

 Several years ago, we took an extended vacation to New Mexico.  It is a painter�s paradise.  My only disappointment is that, with a couple of exceptions, the work I did which was inspired by the trip was not to my satisfaction.  That changed when I began to contemplate �Santa Fe Memories.�  On that trip, we collected several pieces of pottery and a drum from the artisans that live there � my wife and I are enthusiasts of Southwestern and Native American Indian Art.  In addition, we visited a store which sold a wide range of artifacts � some of which were authentic and others which appeared to be so but were actually imported.  There we acquired some dinnerware and place-mats.   In our home, some of the pots have a place on the mantle of our fireplace in the Family Room.  One morning I assembled various pieces from the trip and began to photograph them.  After about 20 photos, the model for this painting developed.  I do have to make one confession, though � the pot with the corn dancer is not from New Mexico.  My wife purchased it for me when she was in Arizona.


"Santa Fe Memories" is a watercolor, painted 300# cold press

paper.  The original is not for sale.


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