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My wife and I were driving the back roads of western North Carolina one morning when we found this lovely old house.  From a distance, it appeared to be just another rural farmhouse.  But as we came closer, although it was still in very good condition, it became apparent that the house had been abandoned.  In the upstairs windows, the white lace curtains were still visible but time and neglect had taken their toll because they were beginning to disintegrate.  Likewise, the white paint that had made the exterior walls seem pristine from a distance, was cracked and beginning to fall away from the wood.  But, it was the front porch that caught my attention.  An old chair was still in the exact place that the last occupant of the house had left it.  I had to wonder if this was where the farmer took his rest each evening as he looked out over the fields in which he had worked all day.  Or, I thought, was this the chair which the woman of the house used in the cool of the shade of the porch while she peeled potatoes for the evening meal.  Regardless of who had occupied the chair, though, I was struck with the idea that it was simply "waiting" for them to return to the house so that he or she could use it again.




The original drawing is graphite pencil drawing, on 20 x 18 in.

paper using a

pointillism style. The original is for sale.


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