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High Road Corral - Original

High Road Corral

When my wife and I visited New Mexico, we wanted to go to Taos from where we were staying in Santa Fe.  There may be other routes, but we found that we could either go on the "high road" which led us over the mountains or we could go on the "low" road which followed the Rio Grande River.  We were told by the wonderful people in Santa Fe that the "high" road was less traveled and a little rougher but that the "low" road could be crowded.  After some debate, we finally decided to take one road to Taos and the other one back to Santa Fe.  I'm glad we did because both provided some breath taking scenery.

About half way on the high road, there was a curve from which I could see a corral that was empty at the time but showed signs that it had been recently used.  The barns were in need of repair but it was apparent that livestock had been sheltered in them in the past few weeks.  I'm not sure why I chose to stop and take some pictures.  Maybe it was the condition of the barns or perhaps it was the contrast that it had with the well repaired fences.  Regardless, I'm glad that I did because the photos gave me the guide to draw "High Road Corral."




The original drawing of "High Road Corral" is a graphite pencil on

paper done in a pointillism style.     The original is for sale.





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