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#Sold - New Girl In Town

New Girl in Town

 Normally, we don't have bluebirds in our yard.  They prefer an open space without many trees.  There is a relatively large flock, though, just down the road from our house.  And each year, in January and February, when the leaves have completely fallen in our back yard, the bluebirds come to visit.  From my art table, I can see one of the power lines to the yard lights.  To my delight, on one winter morning, we had a series of visits from the bluebirds.  Quickly, I took several pictures of the visitors.  I have to be honest and admit that there were never four birds on the line at one time.  However, after I printed the pictures, I had to laugh because the birds as shown in the drawing from left to right were the sequence of the photos coming out of the printer showing the individual birds.  And yes, the third bird from the left is a female and the rest are males.  So, the title of the drawing explains it all.


The original artwork for "New Girl in Town" is a graphite pencil

on paper in a pointillist style.  The original has been sold.



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