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#Sold - You Looking At Me? - Prints Only
You Looking at Me?

We have a number of feeders for the birds in our yard.

Depending on where they located, certain types of birds only

feed at particular feeders.  The Carolina chickadee, though, is

not hesitant to visit any of them.  And, while he is one of the

smallest birds who come to visit, he will be one of the first to

return to the feeders after a hawk or cat has chased the birds

away.  As a result, when I began to take photos of the birds, the

Chickadee seemed to be in every picture.  I had to laugh,

though, when I first examined the shot that developed into

"You Looking At Me?"  Perhaps birds don't have facial expression

or mannerisms, but this one seemed to be trying to tell me



You Looking At Me?  is a scratch drawing on 12" x 9" black

scratchboard. The original has been sold. However, we have a few giclee prints.


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