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#Not for Sale - Native Azalea - Prints Only
Native Azalea

Like most Southerners, I have a variety of azaleas in my yard.

   But one has stolen my heart - the Native Azalea.  Mine grow

slowly and enjoy the shade.  As a result, most of the time, they

are not noticed.   And even when they bloom in the spring, they

are not profusely covered in bright showy blossoms like their

cousins.  But when I take the time to examine them, they seem

to have just the right mixture of pastel flowers and leaves.  They

are like good friends who are resilient and always there in hard

times.  Yet when the good times come, they willingly provide just

the right support to allow us our time in the spotlight.


Native Azalea is a scratch drawing on 12" x 9" black

scratchboard. The original is not for sale, however, we do have a few giclee prints.





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