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Carolina Wren - Prints Only
Carolina Wren

 If there is a bird with 'attitude', it has to be the Carolina Wren.

  But, it is not a bad attitude.  Instead, I think they partially

believe that they are just like us, since they have no qualms

about getting nearby, even if it gets them in trouble.  If the

garage door is left open, one of our wrens will probably come

inside.  When we place a hanging flower basket near the house,

a wren will quickly build a nest in it.  If other birds avoid a feeder

because it is too close to the house, the wren will have no

hesitation in feeding from it.  Even when I walk into the yard

while the birds are feeding, the wren doesn't quickly fly away like

the rest.  No, it will first turn its head to give me the 'once over'

and then it will casually hop away.


Carolina Wren is a graphite drawing on 11" x 8 1/2" paper, using

a pointillism technique.  The original is for sale, as well as a few giclee prints.

Georgia residents will have 7% sales tax added at checkout.




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